Envirolastech’s MagnaRock pavers will withstand more than 10,000 psi. This compares very favorably to concrete, which only tests to about 4000 psi, and clay bricks at 8000 psi. before complete failure.  Envirolastech’s paver bricks can support full scale trucks, and in conditions where clay and concrete will fail. Due to a combination of our plastic concrete technology affording greater weight bearing capacity, longer lifespan as well as superior water and weather intolerance.

    • Black 6” paver
    • Black 8” paver
    • Black 10” paver
    • Black 12” paver
    • Grey fill pieces
    • Brown edger pieces
    • Sandstone 6” paver
    • Sandstone 8” paver
    • Sandstone 10” paver
    • Sandstone 12” paver

Superior Strength to All Concrete & Brick Products.

    • Impervious to water / salt water
    • Available in multiple sizes
    • Can be cut & screwed with standard tools
    • Won’t crack, scale or pit like concrete or clay brick
    • Easy to install, Do it yourself!
    • "Life-Time Warranty”