Our Vision

Our Vision

Envirolastech’s vision is truly forward-looking, in that we ultimately hope to play a significant role in the improvement of the planet’s ecology and long-term habitability. But the future is always tied to the history, so the story must begin there, and with inventor, Paul Schmitt, and his love for horses. An avid rider and longtime care-taker, owner and lover of horses, Schmitt recognized that the stables in which these majestic animals spend too much of their time, are often filthy, fly infested and unsanitary habitats, primarily due to the absorbency of the wood from which they are built. Thus began Schmitt’s quest for a more sanitary alternative material from which to build stables.

Schmitt began looking at plastic and plastic compounds as a potential solution to create alternative lumber. It became Schmitt’s personal mission to create a plastic compound that could be made into a board that could structurally substitute for wood lumber, but without the absorbency, so that it could be sanitized. For almost a decade, Schmitt tested theories on mineral fills, fiber fills and combination fills, eventually making the breakthrough that he had been looking for, a plastic compound that used only plastics and mineral fills, and no wood, or other bio-absorbent ingredients. The break-through had resulted in a plastic compound that had great strength, and was extra-ordinarily strong, without becoming brittle, in cold temperatures.

However, the discovery was not without its set-backs. Schmitt’s break-through was the result of an error in which also resulted in his destruction of the equipment on which he had been performing his testing. Schmitt spent the next several years trying to find a way to safely (without destroying the equipment) recreate the results from his accidental discovery. His diligence paid off, and ultimately resulted in the proprietary formulations, processes, and proprietary technology on which Envirolastech was founded.

The lessons of time also resulted in a philosophy that extended beyond just equine environments. The Company, founded in 2011, had developed a vision that it’s technology could be converted into a means by which many otherwise under used parts of the waste stream could be repurposed into useful materials. The formulations that create Envirolastech’s products utilize plastics and minerals that were either already being recycled, or were capable of being recycled or otherwise harvested from the waste stream. As research and development continued, Schmitt developed hundreds of variations to his original discovery, resulting in Envirolastech having the ability to use (recycle) a wide variety of post-consumer plastics.

Envirolastech’s mission statement incorporates this vision, and is “To make superior products for high demand markets utilizing environmentally friendly clean technology.” Envirolastech’s vision, to ultimately play a significant role in improving the world’s ecology and environment, has begun. With each product that we make that replaces a wood product, Envirolastech diminishes the need for deforestation and reduces the volume materials destined for landfill. As the company grows, the creation of a market for many of the under-recycled plastics will help to provide an outlet for much of the plastic that pollutes our oceans. For even more information about the environmental issues and Envirolastech’s role in improving the planet, pleased visit the “Environmental Impact” tab or click here.

Envirolastech is already using this technology, including environmentally friendly manufacturing methods, in the commercial manufacture of its various products including, decking, pavers, pallets, crates and more.