Decking Materials

    • Impervious to water / salt water
    • Available in multiple sizes
    • Can be cut & screwed with standard tools
    • Won’t crack, scale or pit like concrete or clay brick
    • Easy to install, Do it yourself!
    • 75 Year Warranty

Unmatched Performance.

Envirolastech’s deck boards are the most durable and maintenance free deck boards available, with significant desirable advantages over the closest competitive product. The closest competitive products are primarily wood/plastic composites, which contain wood (saw dust), these products experience problems with molding, rotting, warping, cracking, chipping and bug infestation, and do not have the strength of our boards. Envirolastech’s deck boards will last a lifetime. Also, our boards are easier to install and truly require no maintenance, in that they never2 need to be resealed, repainted, stained or replaced.