Rounds of testing have confirmed that Envirolastech products are stronger and have higher tensile strength than traditional wood, plastic composites and other building materials. What makes our strength characteristics even more extraordinary is uniquely superior performance in colder temperatures. Our products and materials, incredibly, gain strength without becoming brittle in cold temperatures.


Envirolastech building products last longer than any other on the market. With zero maintenance, they retain their color, do not chip, splinter or crack and their appearance remains the same as the day they were delivered or installed. We stand by our durability claim by offering industry leading products that will not only out perform the competition, but last substantially longer.  


We make every product using the highest possible amount of post-consumer recycled materials. By using the cleanest, greenest and most environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, every product we make helps to create a better, cleaner and more sustainable environment. Please click here to learn more about how Envirolastech is advancing its mission to be a world leader in eco-restorative manufacturing.

Made in America

With our corporate office in Rochester, Minnesota, our flagship manufacturing facility located in St. Charles, Minnesota, and plans for several additional plants in the Midwest and throughout the United States, Envirolastech is creating new manufacturing jobs for the American worker, proudly reclaiming America’s reputation for leadership and innovation in manufacturing technologies.

Award Winning

Winner of the 2017 R.A.V.E. award by Rochester Area Economic Development, Inc. One of three MN companies recognized for their “will, determination, and drive”. Winner of the 2012 Minnesota Cup “Clean and Renewable Energy” division. Ranked by Twin Cities Business as one of the Top 20 companies to watch in 2017.


Envirolastech aims at making a huge difference in St. Charles Minnesota, surrounding communities, and the world, by creating new green jobs, investing in our economy and by producing the strongest,
greenest, longest-lasting eco-restorative building materials on the planet. Envirolastech
sources raw materials for their products from area recycling centers, haulers, and high-volume consumers - diverting plastics and glass away from landfills - and transforming them into durable, cutting-edge, sustainable products. In their first four months of operation, Envirolastech repurposed over 500 tons of recyclables into strong, attractive, durable and maintenance free decking, pavers, pallets, retaining walls, and other superiorly performing building materials and products. In 2018, Envirolastech will be expanding the production capacity of the flagship plant and anticipates converting approximately 8000 tons of materials annually from this location.
Made from 90% to 100% post-consumer recycled materials, Envirolastech’s products have unsurpassed strength, performance, and durability. Competitively priced, their deck boards, docks, bricks, blocks, pavers, landscape timbers, pallets and other products are an incredible value. It’s no wonder they unabashedly ask everyone to buy their products and, in so doing, help to repair the planet, one project at a time.