Building with Recycled Plastics – 
Interview with Jeff Mintz of Envirolastech

Plastic waste is a huge global problem and we need viable solutions. In this interview with Jeff Mintz, CEO of Envirolastech, we discuss how plastic can be recycled and used as a building material in a unique way...

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Green Technology

  Our technology reduces the burden on Landfills. Using our proprietary process we turn garbage into solid plastic building products so high in quality and easy to use, we have no competition.

  While cleaning up the environment, manufacturing will once again return to the U.S. along with the potential of creating hundreds of jobs in and around each facility. Applications for our technology and end products are world-wide.

  Our cutting-edge technology utilizes the raw materials to manufacture a solid, extruded thermoplastic product from 100 % recycled materials. Our product can replace wood and concrete for the building industry both in the United States and internationally. 

Who is Envirolastech?

From our new and beautiful facility coming to SE Minnesota, Envirolastech,  Inc, is a developer of thermoplastic technology that offers an alternative to wood and concrete in an almost unlimited variety of products and applications.

With Jeff Mintz at the helm, our support Team of industry professionals is comprised of company Founder Paul Schmitt, who will act as Technical Adviser, Geno Wente, Logistics Coordinator and several exemplary individuals who offer their vast knowledge in every area necessary to bring our vision of launching this new technology to fruition.   

Our goal is to provide existing industry manufacturers with a cost-competitive alternative to wood and concrete products.

Timeless Beauty and Performance.

Envirolastech offers the latest in siding and decking technology with the style and appeal of traditional cedar and redwood siding. With your individual preference in mind, our unique profiles have been expertly designed and finished with many amazing colors to choose from.

Made from 100% Non-Organic Recycled Materials and is 100% Recyclable
Easy to Install, Our Products Cut, Screw, and Nail like Traditional Wood
Incredibly Long Lifespan, Lifetime Warranty

Game Changing Benefits

Eliminate the wasteful cycle of repair and replacement and invest in a product that values the environment. We combine unique blends of recycled resins, recycled minerals and other solid waste materials to create products that are 100% recyclable, weather resistant and structurally sound.

Structurally Load Bearing, Only known plastic to gain strength in cold weather
No Warping, Splitting, Rotting, Molding, or Insect Infiltration, Impervious to Salt Water
Fade Resistant, Colored Throughout, Unlike the Competition 

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