A New Science In Plastics

Welcome to Envirolastech Inc.,

Our green technology re-purposes industrial and post-consumer recyclable waste that historically over-burdens landfill sites. We are the leading technology in extruded thermoplastic materials for the residential and commercial construction markets and the developer of a new recycled plastic compound. Our product is a universal feedstock used in existing extrusion and compression mold thermoplastic manufacturing processes. We combine unique blends of recycled resins, recycled minerals and other solid waste materials to create products that are 100% recyclable, weather resistant and structurally sound. Recycled plastics can now become a true replacement for wood. Our technology spans multiple disciplines, multiple industries and multiple products. With over 30 applications tested and proven, markets that were never even a consideration for recycled plastics are now achievable. We offer new building construction and consumer durable products as well as new possibilities to the plastic and construction industries worldwide.

Envirolastech’s zero-waste recycling system allows for a truly green “cradle to cradle” process.

Now that’s cool.

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