Building now for generations to come. Ensuring our impact on the world is a positive one, that what we leave behind is better, truer than what we found.

Timeless Beauty 
and Performance.

While homeowners want the beauty of decking, you want to trust that what’s underneath is meant to last and is kind to our planet. Like homeowners, builders and contractors also want a durable product that withstands Mother Nature and human wear-and-tear like no other material.

  • Green, No biodegradable ingredients
  • Eco-restorative, 100% recyclable
  • Zero Maintenance, No need to paint, seal or stain. 
  • Won’t chip, warp or split, Hail Proof
  • Won’t mold, mildew or rot
  • Impervious to rain and salt water
  • Gets stronger (not brittle) in cold temps 
  • 25 year warranty
  • Easy Installation 
  • Award-winning technology  
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We’re doing more than 
making building materials

In 2004, a mistake during an experiment resulted in the creation of a new material made from 97 percent post- consumer recycled materials such as plastics and glass. 

Founder, Paul Schmitt, then spent years researching and experimenting to refine the process and formula, today known as Envirolastech, a thermoplastic technology that offers an alternative to wood, concrete and other composite materials, in an unlimited variety of products and applications.

Our Mission: Clean Up the World

Our Vision: Visibly reduce landfills while creating more 
stable, environmentally friendly ways to live

What’s In Our Name?


A desire to clean up the earth drove us to create this company and the Envirolastech material. It infuses our products, our processes and our goals for the future.


Rounds of testing have confirmed that Envirolastech material is more durable, longer-lasting and has higher tensile strength than other building materials.


We are harnessing technology for the good of the earth. It is our unique, proprietary technology that allows us to create a greener, longer-lasting building material.

Like what you see?

Superior Performance

Why does this matter?

Woodfill and decking materials that contain it, are biodegradable and will eventually break down overtime. If the surface gets chipped, dented or cracked, the core becomes susceptible to water and pest damage – all of this weakening the overall performance of your product. 

Envirolastech decking is free of biodegradable ingredients. Just one of many reasons it is the stronger, longer lasting choice.

Another common thermoplastic used in building materials is Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). But, it’s highly toxic chemicals used in production and processing are detrimental to our environment – making Envirolastech decking a greener, eco-restorative choice because it’s free of toxic chemicals. And if desired, can be 100% recycled! (And once its useful life is finished, it can be recycled at Envirolastech and made into something new.)

Building with Recycled Plastics – 
Interview with Jeff Mintz of Envirolastech

Plastic waste is a huge global problem and we need viable solutions. In this interview with Jeff Mintz, CEO of Envirolastech, we discuss how plastic can be recycled and used as a building material in a unique way...

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Award-Winning  Technology & Press

State Agency Commissioners Visit Southeast Minnesota

ABC 6 News.  September, 19th 2017

Multiple state agency commissioners are in southeast Minnesota this week to focus on supporting local businesses.  One of their stops included a tour at ENVIROLASTECH in St. Charles on Tuesday.  
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20 Companies to Watch

Twin Cities Business.  May 31, 2017

Turning trash into durable building products? That’s the business model for Rochester-based Envirolastech. The company’s process converts glass, plastics and ash into a proprietary thermoplastic, a green alternative to traditional building materials.  Read more.

St. Charles Company Aims to Be ‘Ecorestorative’

Post-Bulletin.  April 3, 2017

Jeff Mintz sees Destination Medical Center as a powerful force to grow his new company, Envirolastech, which makes boards, siding and other products from recycled plastic for home and industry.  Read more

St. Charles lands new manufacturing business

Post-Bulletin.  April 27, 2016

The St. Charles City Council unanimously and happily approved the sale of land in its Chattanooga Innovation Park to a new manufacturer planning to build its plant in the Interstate 90 business park.  Read more.

Construction on new St. Charles company, Envirolastech, to begin soon

Winona Daily News.  Nov. 30, 2016

With a little help from the state, a new business is starting construction in St. Charles. Approved by the St. Charles City Council in the spring, Envirolastech plans to officially break ground on their facility in December. Read more.

2012 Minnesota Cup winner Envirolastech building plant in St. Charles

Star Tribune.  Nov. 21, 2016

Recycled materials manufacturer Envirolastech Inc. will add 26 workers when it opens a $3 million production facility east of Rochester, state officials announced Monday. Read more.

St. Charles' recycling 'crown jewel'

Winona Post.  September 25, 2017

Out back, the rear of the new Envirolastech plant in St. Charles is practical, not pretty. Eighty tons worth of milk jugs and similar plastics are stacked in bales. A loading dock ramp leads up to a stockpile of broken glass bottles. 
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